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Nothing about us Without Us! ▽English version(PDF) ▽English version(Word)
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May 20 2017

Answer for Questionnaire: Sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls with disabilities(PDF)
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Jan 30 2017

We went to Geneva! The report(MSWord)
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July 03 2015

Challenges Faced by Japanese Women with Disabilities and their Policy Proposals Click here!(PDF) Click here!(M […]
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May 27 2014

Parallel Report to the Sixth Periodic Report of the Government of Japan under the International Covenant on Hu […]
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Survey on Living Difficulties of Women with Disabilities: Digest Version Read Me(PDF) A Call for Provisions on […]
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If you encounter someone who is Basic response to persons with disabilities in evacuation centers Click here!( […]
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Minority Women ; Women with Disabilities Click here!(PDF) the source NGO Joint Report of Japan with regard to […]
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News Report

Date Medium Title Lead sentence 2015/06/24 The Asahi Shimbun Sterilized woman demands apology over policy to p […]
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